I have declared war. Nilem12 has been very sneaky with us, only Cahill 7/8 are being loyal to me. I have already have many traitiors and I am sick and tired

The War of The Original Cahill MembersEdit

On the 4th of October 2010, the original Cahill members were attacked while in Paris celebrating the creation of Alistair Oh's invention of the microwave buritos. The leader, Manmanman45 or Dayquan, was the first to notice that the guards of the celebration party were intruders of another group known as Mobilous, a criminal organization asscoiated with C4's father. They brought a tank and an army of people with AKs and semi-automatics. Everyone was panicking because the tank had been fired already. The leader of Mobilous, Arthur Frilan, ordered that the council be cancelled or he would kill everyone in the council starting with the youngest, C5. He had already had C5 captured and held a pistol to his head. With the order being ignored, Arthur killed C5 and then told his men to attack which they did resulting in almost everyone on the council dead except C4 who had ran away in the middle of the war. It resulted in destroyed buildings on the ground and dead bodies everywhere. Some of the Mobilous members died except for 3, two with AKs and the leader himself Arthur. The two men had dropped their weapons when the police came and then Arthur and Manmanman45 were arrested. On the way to the police station, someone opened the car, killed the police officer and stabbed Arthur leaving him to die. No one knows if he really did die but the person who had killed him and the cop and saved Manmanman45's life was an old time friend of Manmanman45, Joshua Frilan. The son of Arthur. From that day, the two were good friends and had a goal to recreate the Cahill Council of Six after they all were basically dead.



C2- deceased

C3- deceased

C4- unknown whereabouts

C5- deaceased

C6- deaceased

Arthur Frilan- unknown if dead or alive

36 Mobilous members- dead

Many Cahill helpers- some died and some still alive